Press Release


SCCA-IgM predicts the therapeutic response in patients with HCC

Last week a prospective study demonstrating the ability of the biomarker SCCA-IgM to predict the response to therapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) was published in the "Scandinavian Journal of Clinical Investigation".

The study involved 131 patients with a new diagnosis of HCC and treated differently based on the tumor’s stage, accordingly to guidelines. SCCA-IgM serological levels were measured before therapy and after one month of treatment: at both time points the biomarker was significantly lower in patients with a positive response to therapy compared to non-responders.

This study, which was coordinated by Prof. Morisco of the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery of Federico II University in Naples, shows the clinical usefulness of SCCA-IgM in patients with HCC, in whom it can predict the therapeutic response.

The article can be downloaded HERE.