Press Release


Serum levels of SCCA-IgM predict the efficacy of HCC treatments

Results from a multicenter prospective study coordinated by the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Gastroenterology Unit, University of Naples "Federico II", Italy, to evaluate the ability of SCCA-IgM levels to predict the efficacy of therapy in different HCC treatments have been presented at the 18° FISMAD congress, Naples, Italy, March 28-31, 2012. In patients with a new diagnosis of HCC a reduction of serum SCCA-IgM was observed in 79% of patients treated with locoregional therapy (RF and Laser ablation, PEI, TACE) and in 64% of patients treated with Sorafenib. Furthermore, 86% of patients displaying decreased SCCA-IgM levels obtained a positive response to locoregional or Sorafenib therapy, suggesting that serum levels of SCCA-IgM may monitor the outcome of HCC treatment.