Press Release


SCCA-IgM effective in identifying at risk patients for cirrhosis development

A research study on 188 patients affected by chronic hepatitis, published in the last issue of Journal of Viral Hepatitis, provides new clues for monitoring patients at higher risk for cirrhosis development. About 30% of the patients with chronic hepatitis develop a progressive liver disease and one of the most intriguing issues is the detection of non invasive markers for fibrosis staging and disease progression. In the study, SCCA-IgM complexes were evaluated by Hepa-IC (XEPTAGEN) in relation to disease outcome in this group of patients and in 100 controls. SCCA-IgM complexes were detectable in 63 of 188 (33%) patients but in none of the controls. A significant increase of SCCA-IgM levels over time was observed in patients with fibrosis progression, but not in those without histological deterioration. Monitoring SCCA-IgM levels over time appears an useful approach to identify patients with chronic hepatitis at higher risk for cirrhosis development.