Press Release


Xeptagen SpA and ZBx Corporation (Toronto, Canada) agree to develop a point-of-care whole blood test

Xeptagen and ZBx Corporation, a private company based in Toronto, Canada, have agreed to collaborate to develop a whole blood rapid test using Xeptagen's proprietary, tumor specific antibodies and test systems that provide an earlier and much more sensitive and specific detection of developing carcinomas of the liver and ZBx's proprietary ZAP® Test System which is an accurate, one-step, single use, rapid test that is easy to use and requires only a single drop of blood from a finger stick. Upon completion, the Xeptagen/ZBx rapid test will provide an important tool for broad based screening initiatives in the early and accurate detection of liver cancer conditions. The Xeptagen/ZBx rapid test could be used in physicians' offices, outpatient clinics and hospitals. The easy-to-use Xeptagen/ZBx rapid test also makes an ideal product for over-the-counter, self-testing, in markets such as China, Southeast Asia and South America. The companies are also considering the development of rapid tests for colon and other cancers.