Code XG007x


A novel diagnostic procedure to avoid negative prostate biopsy

iXip index was created to verify the real need of prostate biopsy in a patient with suspected prostate cancer.

iXip calculator

A blood sample and the prostate volume determined by ultrasound are sufficient to calculate iXip.
When iXip value is less than 0.2, prostate biopsy can be avoided.

Compared to indexes and methods currently available, iXip:
  • is more efficient and reliable;
  • is simple, safe and comfortable for the patient;
  • avoids unnecessary prostate biopsies.

Diagnostic Procedure
Bone pain - Erectile dysfunction - Haematuria - Lower back pain - Pain during urination - Painful ejaculation - Urgent or frequent need to urinate - Weak urinary stream - Weight loss
  1. NO
  2. YES
High levels of PSA
Suspicious DRE
Transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS)
  1. NO
  2. YES

Serum Level of PSA-IgM
Prostate Volume by TRUS
  1. < 0.2
  2. > 0.2

(*) It is important that you contact your healthcare provider if you have any of these symptoms.
(**) A. Heidenreich, et al. Guidelines on Prostate Cancer. European Association of Urology 2012.