Press Release


CompleXima™ HCC biochip shows high accuracy in detecting HCC in patients with liver cirrhosis

A study carried out by the Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Clinical and Experimental Medicine from the University of Padova, Padova, Italy to ascertain a) the analytical performance of the new compleXima™ HCC BioChip system, which allows simultaneous SCCA-IgM and AFP-IgM detection, in comparison with data obtained with the well established ELISAs and b) the clinical performance in distinguishing LC from HCC patients has been presented at the 1st National Congress of Laboratory Medicine held in Parma, Italy, November 15-18, 2011. Results show that compleXima™ HCC BioChip allows a reliable measurement of serum SCCA-IgM and AFP-IgM discriminating healthy subjects from diseased patients better than ELISAs.