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EJCI publishes Xeptagen results on tumor specific induction of immune complexes

The diagnostic role of IgM immune complexes for liver cancer has been strengthened by results published in the latest issue of European Journal of Clinical Investigation. In the study serum samples from 31 patients with cirrhosis and 33 untreated HCC patients diagnosed by ultrasound, computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance and confirmed by histopathology and 30 healthy controls were analysed for IgM and DCP-IgM content by dedicated ELISAs. Circulating IgM in patients with HCC and cirrhosis were not significantly different (P = 0.1376) while DCP-IgM were significantly higher in HCC patients than in those with cirrhosis (P = 0.0047). No correlation was found between DCP-IgM and IgM in HCC (r = 0.227) and cirrhosis patients (r = 0.475). DPC-IgM was positive in 55% (18/33) of HCC patients and in 26% (8/31) of cirrhosis patients compared to 39% and 26% for DCP and 48% and 13% for AFP. DCP-IgM, DCP and AFP tests had 100% specificity in healthy controls. While DCP-IgM in HCC patients was not associated with an increase in IgM concentration, DCP-IgM was more frequently detected in HCC patients than DCP and AFP. The study results aid to clarify the role of IgM in the formation of specific biomarker immune complexes associated to tumor growth providing evidence that the increase of the immune complexes in liver cancer is not associated with an increase of total IgMs. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18625005